Sadiq Feeder and Lower Sadiq Branch Canals

Project cost:
US $ 34,127,000

Water and Power Development Authority, Pakistan

Civil works for 800 cusec and 1150 cusec Lower Sadiq and Sadiq feeder canal.

Project date:
September 1987- November 1990

Earthwork and lining of Sadiq Feeder and Lower Sadiq branch canals, at Rahimyar Khan

Services Rendered

800,000 cu. m. earthworks for constructing embankments, concrete stabilization and clay tile lining. To ensure quality, the Company owned and operated 8 brick kilns for production of about 60,000,000 tiles required for the project. Cross-over bridges for pedestrians and light traffic were also constructed. 43 miles long canals were required to be constructed under this contract. The "live" canals were to be kept operational during construction.